Bitter melon peptide, a saviour for diabetics?

An elder of mine has troubled him for a long time because of diabetes for more than ten years. He told me that he also knows that diabetes control drugs can control blood sugar in the short term, but long-term use has side effects on the body. Over the past ten years, because of the need to control blood sugar, the dosage of diabetes drugs has been gradually increasing, and the current dosage is already the highest. I was very impressed. He held a packet of diabetes medicine in his hand, pointed at him and said, “Because of diabetes, my kidneys have been soaked in sugar water for more than 10 years. I don’t want to take medicine, but do I have other options? “

I heard that, both distressed and helpless. I believe this is definitely the voice of many diabetics.

After research on Internet, the website of the Ministry of Health Service clearly stated that diabetes is the killer of the systemic vascular system, and its chronic complications include small vessel disease, such as retinopathy, kidney disease, neuropathy, and macrovascular disease. It is called arteriosclerosis; because once the disease is not well controlled, it can easily cause heart disease and stroke, and can also cause complications such as eyes, kidneys, blood vessels in the lower limbs, and even blindness, kidney dialysis and amputation.

This elder came into contact with the boss who extracted bitter gourd peptides due to a chance meeting. He heard that his mother was a diabetic patient and was also troubled by the side effects of taking diabetes medicine for a long time. This is because of the bitter gourd peptide, although the drug has been stopped, blood sugar can still be controlled normally, and the quality of life has been greatly improved. The most fortunate thing is that bitter melon peptide does not have the side effects of diabetes medicine.

This elder was eager to try, because he had heard that bitter gourd can lower blood sugar before, and some people were selling it on the Internet, and there was an urge to try it. He later heard of the boss of Bitter Gourd Peptide before he knew it. Most of the bitter gourd sold on the Internet is sliced and then dried. In fact, the effect is really limited. If you buy it directly and stop the medicine rashly, it will be life-threatening. Don’t be careful.

The boss of bitter gourd peptide said, “If bitter gourd slices bought on the Internet are effective in lowering blood sugar, it takes dozens of slices at a time to be effective. He went on to say, “Bitter gourd peptides are the most effective part of bitter gourd extraction using technology. It is extremely concentrated, but it must be taken at a certain dose to be effective. However, because health-care drugs are now easy to obtain and the cost for consumers to obtain them is also low, it is difficult to promote bitter gourd peptides with no side effects. “

After a conversation, a few days later, this elder and the owner of bitter gourd peptides got bitter gourd peptides and were eager to try them. On the first night, he swallowed two capsules, but in the middle of the night, the whole body was sweating cold and he was shocked. Blood sugar is too low, so grab the chocolate and eat it immediately to increase your blood sugar. Of course, I also realized that bitter melon peptides can be effective in reducing blood sugar in a short time.

He is currently taking two bitter gourd peptides a day, but one in the morning and one in the evening, but the diabetes medicine is still being taken. There was no hypoglycemia on the first night. The elders are now looking forward to gradually letting the body get used to bitter gourd peptides to regulate blood sugar. Once the blood sugar is under control, he can gradually reduce the dose of diabetes medicine.

As a junior, I am also eagerly looking forward to the day when he will completely throw away the diabetes medicine.

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